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In the last few years Commercial battery technology has advanced rapidly, and prices have fallen enough to make Commercial battery for solar power a practical option for many businesses.

Let’s look at how solar and storage can help your business. Commercial solar system delivers electricity to your organisation when the sun shines this replaces the electricity you would normally pay for from the grid. Which saves you money, if your energy usage is still high before or after times when your solar system is generating electricity battery storage can potentially save you even more.

How, by helping to lower something called demand charges, your energy bill has two parts, energy charges and demand charges. Demand charges are a cost you pay based on the highest electricity usage or demand within your billing cycle. Demand charges end up being a significant portion of your electricity bills, as much as 50% or more.

Here’s how it all works. Battery charges up when your solar system is generating electricity, then using predictive analytics they discharge their energy at precisely calculated times to shave down demand spikes and seamlessly save your company the most money without affecting day to day operations. This saving can pay for the cost of your Commercial battery storage system.

The opportunity to save demand changes every year is real and really significant, as you evaluate solar power providers be sure to ask if solar energy storage can be included. You may find that Commercial battery storage is the right choice for your organisation.

Commercial Solar Battery Albury Shepparton
Solar Batteries Storage Feat Image

To learn more about Commercial battery storage systems and commercial solar in general be sure to check contact Watters your business solar specialists.

Commercial Solar Projects

Below are just a few examples of some of the commercial solar power projects Watters has delivered, all of which demonstrate the skillset and capabilities of our team.

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