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Here at Watters Electrical, we are experts in Inverter servicing, Inverter maintenance, inverter repairs and inverter replacements.

We have offices in Victoria in Shepparton and Wangaratta and an office in Albury NSW who can help. Our team are well versed in interpreting inverter fault messages, technical codes, what the alternative flashing lights mean? We have a deep understanding and knowledge of solar power systems and decades of combined experience within the electrical and solar industries. You can rest assured the information and advice provided is accurate.

Has your inverter stopped working?

Not sure what’s gone wrong with your inverter? If it’s broken? if it can be fixed or whether it needs replacing.

We can help you. We have qualified solar installers ready to visit your site and determine the inverter fault. It may be a fault we can repair it on the spot. Or he may advise that an inverter replacement is required, in which case we will provide a written quote.

We always keep inverters in stock, so chances are we will have you back up and generating electricity in no time Watters Electrical service department specialises in solar inverter repairs and we’re ready to help you get back on the grid, whether you’re a Watters Electrical customer or not.

Common Solar Inverter Faults - Faulty Fan

It’s important to have your solar inverter checked regularly, a common inverter fault are faulty fans. If your fan stops working, it will cause your inverter to overheat and it will literally cook your inverter. Identifying a faulty fan could save you hundreds of dollars. As the cost of replacing a new fan only costs a couple of dollars and replacing a fan

Can my inverter be repaired?

Sometimes a faulty inverter may not mean a complete inverter replacement. It may be a simple fault we can help you troubleshoot and resolve over the phone, at no cost to you and no time wasted by Watters Electrical. It may even be as simple as a system reboot. Every day your solar inverter isn’t working is costing your money.

Is your solar inverter out of warranty?

Is your solar inverter out of warranty? Has the solar company you purchased it from gone out of business? Or even worse, the solar inverter brand, the company itself has gone out of business? Unfortunately, it’s a common issue in the solar business and a really good reason to purchase your solar system from a dependable company like Watters. Not to worry, Watters specialises in Solar Inverter Repair. We will assess your situation and guide you through your options to get your solar system back up and saving you money.

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