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Want To Find Out How Much Your Solar Battery Storage Will Cost?

Complete our quick online brief and find out how much battery storage system cost and what options are available to you.

*For Residential & Commercial Solar Systems in VIC & NSW Only

Why Solar Battery Storage?

Affordable Solar battery storage for home and business is finally here. Installing your solar battery system will completely change how you use your solar power. Currently, the excess power that your solar system generates is supplied directly to your home as needed during the day. Unused power is then sold back into the power grid. Earning you credits on your power with your energy retailer. When your system is not generating power, your electricity comes from the grid. Solar battery storage completely changes how we use our solar power. With a battery and solar system installed by Watters, your solar panels will still directly power your home and appliances while the sun is out.

However, the extra power your generating does not go into the grid. Instead, it gets stored in your solar battery. The unused energy you’ve saved in system your during the day is now available at night. Or at any time you need it means you use more of your solar power at home and by and buy less electricity from the grid overall. You can still earn credit on your power bills, when your batteries in full, as the solar system will supply the unused energy back into the grid.

On Grid and Off Grid Battery Systems Albury, Wodonga, Shepparton & Wangaratta

Generally, you’ll be better off having the right battery storage option and using your solar energy at home then selling your extra electricity into the grid. There are on-grid, and off-grid battery options. The grid is essential for most homeowners in VIC and NSW because if all the power in your battery has been used, and the solar panels are not producing enough power for your home you’ll use electricity from the grid to run your home.

For a great way to find out what option is best suited to your home, usage and budget, simply complete our solar costs form here.

Tesla Powerwall 2

The Tesla Powerwall has taken the Australian battery storage system market by storm. Teslas revolutionary home battery solution delivers enough energy to power an average home through the night. The Tesla Powerwall 2 can integrate into most existing solar systems without too much trouble. The Tesla Powerwall 2 can power your home through power outages.

By connecting a battery storage to your solar system, Watters Albury Wodonga and Watters Shepparton can save even more money on your electricity bills. During the day when the sun is shining your battery will store up energy that you can then use that night, instead of using your energy from the grid, a solar system can save you up to 55% on your electricity bill each year, but with the addition of a battery your savings could increase to over 65% so if you would like to take full advantage of your solar energy system find out whether if solar battery storage is right for your needs contact Watters Electrical.

Hive Solar Battery

The Hive Solar Battery brings a new and innovative approach to home solar storage in Australia. The battery modules on this unit are 2.9kWh in size. You can add up to 5 additional batteries. This allows the Hive Solar Battery to be scalable from 2.9kWh up to 17.4kWh.

This is an excellent advantage for the homeowners in Albury, Shepparton and Wangaratta. You can have your home battery unit matched to your exact power requirements.

Future upgrades are easy with Hive Solar Battery. If you renovated your home or your power requirements increases from adding a swimming pool, spa or a heat pump, you could simply add additional batteries to your unit.

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