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Want To Find Out How Much You Will Get Back?

Complete our quick online brief and find out the exact Government rebate that applies to you.

*For Residential & Commercial Solar Systems in VIC & NSW Only

Are government rebates still available?

Yes, solar power government rebates are still available. To find out exactly how much the solar power incentives can save you, fill in the online solar form and have a chat to the Watters Solar team.

How much is the solar Government Rebate in Vic & NSW?

The Victorian State Government offers a rebate to eligible homes for solar installations. There is also an option of a small interest-free loan to help make solar more affordable if you meet the specified criteria. Fill in the online solar form and have a chat to the Watters Solar team to find out if you’re eligible.

Unfortunately for our Albury Solar Customers, the NSW state government no longer offer solar system rebates and incentives for residential homes.

Difference Between LGC & STC

STCs an LGCs are tradable units that act as a currency for renewable energy, and the price of both will vary with supply and demand.

The size of your solar system, will govern whether the system is considered large Scale Generation Certificates (LGC) or Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC).

The main difference between Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC) and large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGC) are that STCs are paid upfront and LGCs are produced on a continuing basis and traded after electricity is generated. Therefore, LGC’s provide an ongoing revenue source to the site owners.

Small Scale Renewable Energy Certificates (STC)

Small Scale Renewable Energy Certificates (STC) are for systems under 100kW. STC are created at the point of commissioning. In effect, STC provides an up-front incentive for those who purchase solar systems for their homes or businesses, reducing the cost of the system. The price of an STC fluctuate with the market, when you purchase your solar system Watters will submit and handle the paperwork on your behalf and redeem the STC for your system. Making the process of buying a system very easy.

Large-scale Generation Certificate (LGC)

Large-scale Generation Certificate can be redeemed after they are created, generally on a yearly basis. LGC are created on the actual quantity of electricity generated by the solar system.

An LGC signifies one megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable energy produced and exported to the electricity grid by a solar system. The system must be sized between 100kW and 250MWh. Solar systems over 100kW must register as a small power station to trade LGC certificates.

What if I have a system, but need more solar and the second system would go over the 100kW threshold?

Case Study

The client has an existing 80kW system and wants to increase to 180kW in total.

The 80kW solar system was installed and the client received the Small Scale Renewable Energy Certificates (STC) upfront payment. If the client has the intention to install the 80kW to receive the STC payment and install the other 100kW later. The STC payment maybe in jeopardy, and maybe required to be paid back.

However, If the client had no intension to go larger at the time of the 80kW install. Any additional to the 80kW system, that goes over the 100kW mark all considered LGC’s.  So, in this case the extra 100kW addition are all considered Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGC). The extra 100kW system must be, installed separate from the 80kW existing system. The new 100kW system must be metered to record the output for LGC certificates purposes.

The new 100kW system must be registering as a small-scale power station. Registration guidelines detail it can take 10 weeks to complete. So, keep in mind, If the system is running before the registration is complete, any LGC’s are lost before that registration data.

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