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Get The Best Reception With Mobile Network Repeater Installation From Watters Electric

Nothing is worse than being unable to find reception on your cell phone—or worse: losing it in the middle of an important call. While there are a lot of unsavoury and illegal solutions to this problem for your property, Watters Electrical provides the only 100% legal solution: a mobile network repeater.

We have a team of specialists in mobile network repeaters NSW and VIC residents have trusted for years to get them the best possible reception throughout their home or business.

Mobile Network Repeaters Albury, Wodonga, Shepparton and Wangaratta - Our Services

When it comes to mobile network repeaters Wodonga, Albury, Shepparton, and Wangaratta need all the help they can get. Finding a good signal in the rural parts of the country can be tough, so we offer professional service to connect everyone, everywhere.

  • Mobile network diagnostic
  • Mobile repeater installation
  • Mobile repeater service and repair
  • Residential mobile repeaters
  • Commercial mobile repeaters
  • Scalable systems for large or multi-building businesses
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Cel-fi Go Mobile Network Repeaters

At Watters we install ACMA approved Powertec Cel-Fi mobile repeaters.

What Is a Mobile Network Repeater?

A mobile network repeater is the only legal way to increase your cell phone reception in Australia. It works by dispersing your mobile signal in the most optimal way possible throughout your property. In other words, rather than relying on the weak antenna within your phone to catch the signal, a mobile repeater works as a more powerful means of catching and distributing the signal.

At Watters Electrical, we install Powertec Cel-Fi mobile repeaters for both home and business use. These are approved by the ACMA and serve to increase your mobile signal without disturbing the rest of the network. We love Powertec because it is easy to scale. It’s perfect for a single family home, but can also be used for large malls or even multi-building shopping centres.

Mobile Network Repeater VS Phone Booster: The Difference Could Cost You!

Don’t confuse the two. It could cost you upwards of $220,000.

A phone booster amplifies the signal of a single phone. These are illegal in Australia because they generally interfere with the mobile network and are thus “stealing” reception from other users.

A mobile network repeater, as described above, merely redistributes your existing signal in the most optimal way possible. These are 100% legal if they do not interfere with the network, which is why it’s important for you to hire a licensed professional to install one. This is especially important for large commercial uses, which must be registered to operate legally.

Mobile Network Repeaters Albury Wodonga Shepparton

Call Watters for Mobile Network Repeaters VIC and NSW Can Trust!

We install mobile network repeaters Wangaratta and the surrounding regions can trust for maximum efficiency and 100% legal compliance. If you are sick of dropped calls and weak signals around the house, or want to offer the absolute best experience for your customers and staff, reach out to Watters Electrical today on 1300 WATTERS.

Australian Communications and Media Authority Regulations

A mobile phone booster boosts the signal of 1 phone. You are not allowed to own, use or supply a mobile phone booster as they can interfere with mobile networks signals and weaken network performance for other users. –

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