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Get Your Light Switches and Power Points Changed By The Pros

Whether you need new installation, safety inspection, or simply cosmetic replacement—Watters Electrical is your last stop for light switch and power point services. Maybe you are living in an older home that wasn’t built with enough outlets. Maybe you’ll be selling your house and want all the switches to look like new. Whatever the case, we’ve been serving the people of Victoria and New South Wales for more than 60 years with electrical services they can trust.

Light Switch and Power Point Installation Services in Albury, Wodonga, Shepparton, and Wangaratta

Watters Electrical provides a wide range of light switch and power point installation services for both residential and commercial properties. Here are some of the services you can count on us to get done right:

  • Power point replacement
  • Power point repair
  • New power point installation
  • Power point safety inspection
  • Power point upgrades (such as USB or double)
  • Light switch repair
  • Light switch replacement
  • Change light fittings
  • New light switch installation
  • Safety Switches
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Clipsal Light Switches Albury Wodonga

Watters Electrical recommend Clipsal Light Switches and Power Points.

Do I Really Need an Electrician to Replace a Light Switch or Power Point?

A better way to ask that question might be Am I qualified to change light fittings, switches, and power points?

Of all the maintenance involved in homeownership, electrical work is generally not a do-it-yourself job. Anything more complicated than plugging in a microwave or screwing in a lightbulb can be dangerous—both immediately and in the long run.

The reason you need an electrician to install powerpoints or an electrician to change light fittings is because they involve working with exposed wiring. And that means a risk of electric shock: an experience that can range from uncomfortable to deadly. It’s not worth the risk.

Furthermore, if you do a faulty job, your new power point could still pose a hazard every time you plug something in. And, if the work isn’t done by a licensed electrician, you might even have trouble selling your house down the line.

Get Your Light Switches and Power Points Done Right

So don’t count on yourself for light or power point work. The Albury, Wangaratta & Shepparton Electricians at Watters Electrical are here for everything from safety inspections to upgrades to brand new installations. Whether you’re looking to expand the amount of power you have access to around the house or simply increase the effectiveness of your existing units, give us a call on 1300 WATTERS and we’ll find the safe and affordable solution for you.

Power Outlet Electrician Albury Shepparton

Power Points in Bathrooms, Kitchens and Wet Areas

Water is a great conductor of electricity, which can be very dangerous in places like the kitchen, the bathroom or the laundry. There are certain rules and regulations in Australia that govern how switches and outlets can be placed in relation to water outlets and fixtures. If you have any doubt about where things should go, consult a licensed electrician – they will know these rules all too well, and MUST be employed to do any electrical work. –

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