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Professional TV Wall Mounting Installation

If your flat screen TV is mounted to your wall, you are wasting space and putting yourself at risk. Watters Electrical can help make your living room or den so much more liveable with TV wall mount installation VIC and NSW residents have counted on for decades.

With nearly 60 years in business, our Albury TV wall mounting professionals have the attention to detail that is required to get your flat screen mounted the right way.

TV Wall Mount Installation Servicing Albury, Wodonga, Shepparton and Wangaratta

There’s a lot more involved in getting your screen mounted than you might realize. Here are just some of the many services you can count on from our Wodonga TV wall mounting experts. And we can do this all with any brand you choose:

  • TV wall mount installation
  • TV wall mount repairs
  • Cable concealment
  • Sound bar installation
  • Recessed TV mounting
  • Projector installation
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Swivel TV Mount Albury Wodonga Shepparton

Watters supplies Brackets, and can use any brand.

Why is TV Wall Mounting Better than Having a TV on a Cabinet?

Safety. If you’ve got kids, you probably know how important it is to keep dangerous items like knives and glassware out of their reach. The problem with your TV, however, is that you can’t just move it away from your toddlers. If it’s sitting on a cabinet, they can find a way to pull it down on top of themselves. Let our Wodonga TV mounting specialists put that 30 – 100 pound hazard out of their reach for good.

Space. Beyond the extra safety, every homeowner will benefit from the added space that comes with a wall-mounted TV. It’s either going to free up room on your cabinet for other storage, or let you remove the cabinet altogether.

Can I Do Wall Mounting Myself?

If you’ve got experience in home construction, it might be a job you can tackle on your own. But for the non-professional, we don’t recommend DIY wall mounting for a few reasons.

For starters, it can be dangerous. If you happen to miss the stud or improperly install a bracket, that TV could come down on you or a loved one for serious injury. Beyond that, even if it doesn’t fall on a person, odds are good that a falling TV is a damaged TV. Do you really want to risk hundreds of dollars of equipment instead of hiring Shepparton wall mounting professionals to do the job for a very affordable price?

TV Wall Mount Installation Albury Wodonga Shepparton

Free Up More Space With Professional TV Wall Mount Installation NSW and VIC Can Count On

Trust us. Watters Electrical has been in business since 1957, and we’ve been wall mounting TVs since the technology was created.

From Wangaratta TV wall mounting to projector installation, repairs and more—you can count on us to get the job done right at a fair price. Get in touch today for your free quote!

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