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Clipsal Pulse

Your local Clipsal Pulse provider in the Albury, Shepparton, Wangaratta regions.

What is Pulse and why is it beneficial for homeowners in Shepparton Albury & Wangaratta?

Clipsal Pulse is an app which is installed on your phone or tablet. This app then receives data through a physical monitoring unit which is installed on your switchboard, and is connected via Wi-Fi or 4G. Pulse will then be able to monitor & show you, your solar production, battery storage and electricity usage, helping you pinpoint when and where you are using the most electricity and how much it is costing you.

Clipsal Pulse Albury Shepparton Wangaratta Provider

How Does Clipsal Pulse Help You Save Money

By monitoring your Shepparton, Albury or Wangaratta home’s solar production, battery storage and electricity consumption, Clipsal Pulse is also able to measure in real-time individual appliances, whether it is a pool pump, air conditioner, lights or hot water heaters, Pulse will be able to show you all the necessary data & usage.

The app will then be able to deliver data-driven insights to help you use your electricity more efficiently and save!

Clipsal Pulse 1

See how much you have sold, saved and bought in a glance

Clipsal Solar’s Pulse Analytics Kit measures the electricity consumed by your major energy consuming appliances in real-time using sensors.

Our Algorithms then break down your electricity use to offer insights that help you use your solar efficiently.

We save our customers on average, $312* per annum, from sharing insights identifying energy savings made through behaviour changes. As part of your subsciption, when you receive your fist electricity bill post solar install, we’ll provide you with a Retail Plan Check so you can make the most of your existing plan or switch to save.

What differentiates Clipsal Pulse from other generic apps

Most solar and electricity apps out there are able to provide homeowners with power usage & Solar feed estimates, none of which are in real-time, not to mention customers would only be able to use such apps if they are locked in with the electricity provider.


Not Clipsal Pulse. Pulse is able to provide Shepparton, Albury and Wangaratta homeowners with real-time accurate power usage, accurate dollar savings estimates as well as constantly monitoring your system health, checking for inverter faults and ensuring everything is running as it should.

Pulse can be used with any electricity provider, and it’s also able to deliver deep insights of your usage, down to specific appliances, and it is able to show you offers and prices for providers out there who might have better deals which isn’t offered by other apps out there.

Clipsal Pulse recently released a new feature based on feedback from the Clipsal Community.

You can now instantly upload bills into Pulse and your retail plan check will appear on the bills page, as shown in the video to the right. This will speed up the whole bills and retail plan check process, providing instant feedback and replacing the previous method of emailing bills through

Watch the above video to see how to easily upload
your energy bill into Clipsal Pulse.

Clipsal Pulse Analytics

You’ll have peace of mind knowing Watters is a Clipsal Pulse Installer for Shepparton, Albury, Wangaratta & surrounding areas.

We’ve grouped some of the questions you might have in regards to Clipsal Pulse Analytics;

  • Is Pulse compatible with my existing solar system?

Pulse can be integrated into any existing solar power system.


  • I don’t have Solar, can I get Solar & Clipsal Pulse installed with Watters?

Absolutely, we can assist with getting both installed in your home.


  • Is Pulse available on IOS or Android?

Pulse is available for both platforms, so you can rest assured it will work with your android or IOS phone.


  • How do I know if my system isn’t running as it should?

Pulse is constantly running system health checks on your solar system to make sure everything is running as expected.

The Best Gear for You, Made Smarter.

The Pulse Analytics kit also saves you money by checking retail plans and giving you personalised insights regularly

ROI and Payback on Investment dashboard
Battery Calculator
Electricity Bill History
Bill Validation
Referral Program (Earn $100 Each!)
Live Real-Time Data View
System Health Status Alerts
Retail Plan Check
Designated Clipsal Solar Personal Insights Manager
Installation Admin Support (rebates, smart meter forms, grid connection application, warranty, VPP
Support (e.g. Pulse app, Billing)
Custom Year in Review Insights
Appliance Advice (e.g. pool pump timer, water heater)
Subscription Term3 Years

Find a Better Way To Manage Your Power With Clipsal Pulse

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