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Ground Mount Solar

Ground mounted solar installations offer a great option and may make sense if your roof isn’t large enough or if it has a lot of obstructions that may shade the solar system. Ground mounted solar can be for either residential or commercial purposes.

While ground mounted solar system may take more time to install, and cost more than your standard commercial solar installation these systems offer a solution for there to otherwise be no option for solar. Ground-mounted solar panels have many benefits and can be a better solution than the standard roof-mounted system.

No infrastructural changes

When opting for your standard roof mount solar system, in some cases the roof may not be structurally sound enough to hold a large scale commercial solar system. The roof may require substantial investment to reinforce it before you can install the panels. With Ground-mounted solar panels offer a solution so you don’t have to worry about making structural changes to your business before installation, and that’s when Watters comes in!

Ideal Orientation

The orientation of your commercial ground mounted solar systems is completely up to how you want to contract it. Due-north, at the ideal 30-degree angle of optimum solar generation, or you can choose to go east west to catch the early morning and late afternoon sun. A ground mounted solar solution offers greater freedom and options in terms of where you can place them to get the ideal angle.

Easy maintenance

Repairs, maintenance and cleaning don’t involve getting on a roof, the panels are easily accessed from behind the ground mounted array, so disassemble and reassemble then to fault find isn’t necessary. Getting the most from your panels keeping them free of dust and grim with regular cleans is a breeze with ground mounted solar systems.


Ground mounted solar solutions offer endless expansion if you have the land. Whereas roof mounted system as limited to the space available. It’s not uncommon for businesses to use their whole roof space with solar and expand the system on the ground.

Increased efficiency

Considering we can install the system at the optimum orientation and combining that with the fact ground mounted solar panels have access to increases airflow around the system. Solar panels perform at optimum levels when kept cool, so the increased airflow leads to better overall solar performance.

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