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For solar power for existing homes, please see our residential solar services.

Building a new home? Why not incorporate a Solar System into your build?

Installing your solar system at the time of construction is a smart idea incorporating it into your home loan.

Something to consider when choosing your block and your new home plan is: does this choice to allow me to effectively install solar? How much solar can I install? Will this build allow me to take advantage of future solar and battery technology?

Here’s a smart solution to these rising costs: upgrade to a solar PV system from Watters Solar! Watters has been servicing Australian for the past 60 years, so you can be confident that we’ll be around for the life of the system. Watters pride ourselves on supplying quality products and services. Backed by the Watters Warranty – your insurance policy with us.

With solar, the size of the system you can install is usually determined by the area and orientation of your roof, the surrounding terrain and your budget. It’s no wonder that more and more Australians home owners are switching to a Solar System, the savings can be substantial, especially if you use the electricity at the time it generated through your solar panels. It’s time to get serious about solar.

Watters Solar lets you take control of your power bills.

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