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Solar Panel Installation Albury, Wodonga, Shepparton & Wangaratta

Providing Affordable Solar Installations to Regional Northern VIC & Southern NSW

With energy prices almost guaranteed to rise a Watters Solar Installation is a smart addition to your home

A Watters Solar Panel Installation integrates well onto either tile roofs or tin roofs. The installation is a quick and easy process with our experienced and qualified solar installation teams.

A good solar installation involves determining which part of your roof is best suited for maximum power generation. It is best to choose a roof plain that is facing the closest to true north. As this will maximize the exposure of the solar panels to the path of the Australian sun.

The tilt angle is also important, the average roof pitch found on most Australian homes is suitable. However, if you have a flat roof Watters can supply tilt frames that allows the solar panels to be adjusted to the optimum angle, interesting this angle should match the latitude to your location. The Watters solar panel installation team can usually install your new solar system within a single day. This will depend on the system size and how easy it is to access your roof.

First, the mounting frame is attached to your roof, next the Solar panels are installed and connected, modules can be arranging in different configurations. Watters solar panel installation will weather the harshest of Australian storms, plus you have peace of mind that your system is backed by Watters.

The inverter is best installed close to your existing meter box, either inside or outside installation is fine if the inverter is not exposed to direct sunlight. A Watters installer then connects the solar panels up to the inverter and finally, a Watters installer connects the system to your existing meter box and works through a series of quality assurance tests before commissioning your new solar system.

Before we leave your home, we ensure you understand how your solar system works and leave you with our contact details and your warranty information. Your Watters solar system is now ready to power your home, clean and reliable electricity. To find out how much your Solar Panel Installation Albury, Wodonga, Shepparton or Wangaratta might cost, click here to use our solar costs form.

Solar Panel Installers in VIC & NSW

The process to install solar in NSW and Victoria are very similar. The main difference is the process to apply for your feed-in meter and tariff.

VIC Solar Panel Installers Service

Solar Panel Installation in Victoria

For Solar Panel Installation in Victoria, you should already have a smart meter installed, as the Victorian state government rolled out the smart meter installation years ago. The major difference with Solar Panel Installation in VIC is that you are required to have an independent inspection, which providing the system passes you will receive a copy of a certificate of electrical safety (CES) from the inspector. That along with an Electrical Works Request (EWR) and a Solar Generator connection form Watters will forward to your energy retailer requesting the installation of a smart meter.

For our Victorian customers, Watters solar electricians are often providing panel installations in Wangaratta, Wodonga, Myrtleford, Shepparton, Echuca and service all of greater regional and rural Victoria.

NSW Solar Panel Installers Service

Solar Panel Installation in NSW

For Solar Panel Installation in NSW unless you have built a new home recently, chances are you require a new smart meter with your solar install. Not to worry as most energy companies are offering smart meter changeovers for free. Once your solar is installed, we will send a formal application to your electricity retailer to come and install a digital import/ export meter so that can record the electricity you feed into the grid. The major difference with Solar Panel Installation in Victoria is we are not required to have an independent inspection done on the system before Watters Electrical submits the paperwork to your energy retailer.

For our NSW customers, Watters solar electricians are often providing solar panel installation Albury, Wagga Wagga, Deniliquin, Tocumwal, Hay, West Wyalong and service all of greater regional and rural NSW.

For further information regarding the detailed installation process for Watters Electrical.

Watters Customer Guide to Solar installation in Victorian PDF

Watters Customer Guide to Solar installation in NSW PDF

Installation on Flat Roof

If you have a flat roof going solar in not only possible it’s easier than you might think? When installing solar on a flat roof you wouldn’t to install the panels flat because you would not get the best production, instead you’d want to tilt your panels on an angle so that they do get the best production. Tiling the panels does come with a slight cost increase however the increase production over the systems lifetime will more than make up for the increase installation cost. One hidden benefit of having a flat roof is that a you’re not locked into whatever direction your roof is facing. You can rack mount your array so that they face due north to get the optimal production. A flat roof is just another roof works great with solar.

Solar Flat Roof Installation

Installation on Tiled Roof

Installing on tiled roofs is common practice for the Watters solar installation teams. Solar panel installation on tiled roofs is generally a little more challenging install. Solar panel installation on tiled roofs is usually more expensive than a standard install on a tin roof. For several reasons. The tile brackets used to install Solar panels on tiled roofs are more expensive plus you’ll find the installation will take more time to complete, due to the complication of the tiled mounting brackets and the care it takes not the break roof tiles. Especially older homes, some roof tiles maybe decades old and be brittle due to years in the sun. It’s essential that the solar installers know how to correctly walk on tiled roofs. As tiles are extremely easy to break. When choosing your solar company to complete your solar installation on tiled roofs be sure you can pick a company that takes pride in their work and understand the complications associated with installations on tiled roofs.

Solar Tiled Roof Installation

Installation on Tin Roofs

Installation of solar on tin roofs is generally the easiest and most cost-effective method of installing solar. The impost important note for customers and the number one question I get asked you’re not going to put holes all over my roof? The short answer is no. Solar panel installation on tin roofs require no holes are drilled in your tin roof. Generally, the existing screws that are holding your tin down are removed and the brackets are installed using the existing hole in your tin roof.

To see our work for yourself, check out one of our recent projects of Solar panel installation Albury.

Solar Tin Roof Installation
Solar Panel Installers In Albury Wodonga Wangaratta-Shepparton

Watters Electrical - Your Trusted Solar Installers in Albury, Wodonga, Wangaratta & Shepparton

Watters have a 60 years history delivering electrical works to our local community. With offices Victoria and NSW in Wangaratta, Albury, Wodonga and Shepparton Watters are your trusted are your trusted solar panel installers. So, take control of your power bill and improve the value of your family home with a Watters solar system. Make the sun work for you. Give Watters a call

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