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Mooroopna KFC

KFC Mooroopna Watters
KFC Mooroopna Watters
KFC Mooroopna Watters 2
KFC Mooroopna Watters 3
KFC Watters
KFC Watters 2
KFC Watters 3
KFC Mooroopna WattersKFC Mooroopna Watters 2KFC Mooroopna Watters 3KFC WattersKFC Watters 2KFC Watters 3

Mooroopna KFC New Store

Construction of the new Mooroopna KFC building, our third store in the area in as many years.

With a condensed build program of three months. A fully automated distribution board is manufactured in Germany, shipped and installed in that time.
Our contribution to the build is the complete power installation, automated internal and external lighting, specifically designed for the opening business hours and a 25kW Solar PV System.

Solar/Electrical Hardware Installed

  • Mangelberger Distribution Board (German)
  • General Lights/Power
  • 25Kw Solar System, Canadian panels, Fronius Inverter

Project Information

Start Date

Completion Date

Project Type
Commercial Electrical and Commercial Solar

Mooroopna, VIC, Australia

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