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House Security When On Holiday – Security Tips for Your Holiday Escape

Embarking on a holiday should be about relaxation and enjoyment, not worrying about the security of your home. The security team at Watters Electrical, serving Shepparton, Albury, and Wangaratta, understands this concern. We’re here to guide you through effective ways to safeguard your home, ensuring it remains secure in your absence. Let’s explore key strategies, including the illusion of presence, which can significantly enhance the safety of your home.




House Security When on holiday - Pelco CCTV


Give the Illusion of Presence & Make Your Home Look Lived-In

An occupied home is a strong deterrent to burglars. The reason is simple: if a home appears lived in, it’s less appealing to potential criminals. Here’s how to create this illusion effectively:

  • Simulate Activity with Lighting: An occupied home usually shows signs of life like lights turning on and off. Intruders observing such activity may assume someone is inside, deterring them from considering a break-in. Invest in lighting systems that can be timed to switch on and off throughout the day, mimicking the normal usage pattern of an occupied home.
  • Manage Mail and Newspapers: A pile of newspapers at the front door or an overflowing mailbox is a clear indicator that the home is unoccupied. To prevent this, either suspend your mail and newspaper deliveries while you’re away or arrange for a friend or neighbour to collect them regularly.
  • This approach to home security is about outsmarting potential intruders by creating an environment that suggests activity and presence, even when there’s none. By managing the small details like lighting and mail, you significantly reduce the risk of your home being targeted.


Home Security When on Holiday - Timed Lighting

Houses that indicated no activity and appeared unoccupied have actually experienced the most numbers of robberies in the past. –


Keep Your Stuff Under Wraps – Conceal Valuables Smartly

Criminals often target homes looking for easy-to-grab valuables, which are highly attractive for quick thefts. Concealing these items is a crucial step in ensuring they remain out of sight, even in the unfortunate event of a home intrusion. Here are some smart ways to keep your valuables safe:

  • Use a Safe or Locker: It’s essential to have a secure place in your home to store valuable items like jewelry, important documents, and expensive electronics. A locker or a safe can be a quintessential addition to any household, providing a secure location that is difficult for intruders to access.
  • Tint Your Windows: Window tinting serves a dual purpose – it protects your privacy and prevents thieves from easily peering into your home. By tinting your windows, you make it harder for potential burglars to spot valuable items from the outside, reducing the temptation and risk of break-ins.
  • Implementing these measures can significantly reduce the visibility and accessibility of your valuables, making your home a less attractive target for criminals.


Home Security When on Holiday - Safe

One of the more obvious tops is to make sure your home security is up to date. –


Rally Your Neighbours – Team Up for Home Watch

Your neighbours can be invaluable allies in keeping your home safe when you’re away. Here’s how to make the most of this neighbourhood watch:

  • House-Sitting Arrangements: Ask a trusted neighbour or friend to keep an eye on your house. If they can house-sit, even better. This presence in your home can significantly deter potential intruders.
  • Use of Driveway: Request your neighbour to occasionally park their car in your driveway. This simple act can give the impression that the house is occupied, thereby reducing the risk of a break-in.
  • Pet Care: If you have a pet, asking a neighbour to take care of them can serve two purposes. Firstly, it ensures your pet is well looked after in your absence. Secondly, regular visits by your neighbour to feed or walk your pet can again suggest the house isn’t vacant.
  • Build Stronger Relationships: These small favors not only enhance the security of your home but also help in building and strengthening your relationship with your neighbours.
  • By employing these neighbourly strategies, you can significantly enhance the security of your home during your holiday.


Home Security When on Holiday - Neighbourhood Watch

Be careful about how much personal information you share online, particularly on social media. –


Install a Home Security System

The presence of a home security system, such as security cameras and motion sensors, not only provides surveillance but also acts as a deterrent to potential intruders. Here’s how to make the most of it:

  • Effective Surveillance: Security systems equipped with cameras and motion sensors play a pivotal role in monitoring your home. Systems from trusted brands like Bosch, Reliance, and Paradox, as recommended by Watters Electrical, offer robust surveillance capabilities. This constant monitoring gives you peace of mind, knowing that every corner of your home is under watchful eyes.
  • Deter Potential Intruders: The mere presence of a security system can make a would-be burglar think twice. The risk of being caught on camera is often enough to deter them from attempting a break-in.
  • Proper Programming: Ensure that your security system is programmed correctly to cover all necessary areas of your home. Regular maintenance checks are also essential to ensure that it functions optimally.
  • Alternative Solutions: If you’re not ready to invest in a full-fledged security system, consider installing fake security signs around your property. While not as effective as a real system, they can still act as a deterrent to some extent.
  • By implementing a well-chosen home security system, you significantly enhance the safety and security of your home, which is crucial when you’re away enjoying your holiday.
Home Security When on Holiday - Home Security Systems
Bosch is one of many security system brands we supply & install.


Install a CCTV System

Installing a CCTV system is an integral part of securing your home, but it requires more than just placing cameras at entry points. Consider these factors for optimal effectiveness:

  • Strategic Placement: While it’s essential to cover primary points of entry like back doors, consider other areas that might be vulnerable. The placement of cameras should provide a comprehensive view of your property, covering potential blind spots.
  • Lighting Considerations: The effectiveness of your cameras can be significantly impacted by changes in lighting throughout the day. Ensure that your cameras are positioned in a way that they can capture clear footage, regardless of the time of day. This might involve considering the direction of sunlight, street lights, and any external lighting you have on your property.
  • Camera Quality and Size: The type of camera you choose is crucial. Brands like Avigilon, Pelco, Milestone, and others recommended by Watters Electrical offer various options in terms of size, quality, and features. High-quality cameras with good resolution will provide clearer images, which are essential for identifying intruders or suspicious activity.
  • Professional Assessment: Considering factors like the layout of your property, the surrounding environment, and your specific security needs is crucial. A professional assessment by a company like Watters Electrical can ensure that your CCTV system is customized to provide the best coverage and security for your home.


Home Security When on Holiday - Hikvision CCTV
Hikvision is another brand Watters Electrical supplies & installs.


Keep Your Vacation Plans on the Down-Low

In today’s world, where sharing every aspect of our lives online has become the norm, it’s crucial to be mindful of who might be watching. Here’s how to manage your vacation details securely:

  • Be Cautious About Sharing Online: We often forget that our social media followers might include people looking for an opportunity to take advantage of our absence. Broadcasting your vacation details, such as the location, dates, and real-time photos, can be an open invitation to burglars.
  • Post-Vacation Sharing: It’s best to save your vacation posts until after you return. This way, you can share your experiences without the risk of alerting potential criminals to your absence.
  • Selective Sharing: If you do want to share some details while away, be selective. Share minimal information, and avoid posting anything that clearly indicates you’re away from home.
  • Private Profiles: Ensure your social media profiles are set to private, limiting the visibility of your personal information and posts to a trusted circle.


Home Security When on Holiday - IDIS CCTV
Watters Electrical proudly supplies & installs a wide range of tailor designed solutions from larce commercial VMS systems to the domestic solutions, such as IDIS cctv.


By following these simple yet effective steps, you can significantly reduce the risk of a break-in while enjoying your vacation.

By integrating these strategies and suggestions, including the effective use of timed lighting and mail management, your home remains a less likely target for burglars. Watters Electrical’s expertise and recommendations further enhance these measures, providing you with comprehensive security solutions. With these tips, you can enjoy your holiday, knowing your home is protected and giving the illusion of being occupied. Safe travels and peace of mind on your well-deserved break!

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