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Solar Battery Rebate in Victoria – Alternatives & Interest-Free Loans


The information in this blog is accurate as of January 23, 2024. Information concerning government incentives, rebates, and financing options is continuously evolving. Readers are advised to consult with Watters directly by requesting a quote or with government resources for the most current information. While Watters Electrical aims for relevance, ongoing accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Use this blog as a starting point, and seek professional advice based on your circumstances.


As a resident of Victoria, navigating the world of solar energy, particularly when it comes to solar batteries, can be complex. With the evolving landscape of government incentives and alternative options like Nectr, understanding what’s available can make a significant difference. Watters Electrical Solar Power and Energy Solutions, serving Albury, Wodonga, Shepparton, and Wangaratta, is here to guide you through this process.




Solar Battery Rebate in Victoria
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What is the Solar Battery Rebate Program?

The Victorian Government’s Solar Homes Program has made strides in encouraging the adoption of solar battery systems in households. This initiative is a part of the broader objective to enhance grid resilience and promote Distributed Energy Resources (DER). The program offers interest-free loans, easing the upfront financial burden of installing a solar battery.

Am I Eligible to Receive a Solar Battery Rebate?

Eligibility for the solar battery rebate is subject to several criteria:

  • Owner-occupier status of the applicant.
  • A household taxable income below $210,000 per year.
  • Property value under $3 million.
  • Absence of a previous solar battery rebate for the property.
  • An existing or concurrently installed solar panel system with at least 5kW inverter capacity.
  • Installation of a qualifying energy storage system with a minimum capacity of 6kWh.

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If you’re applying for an interest free loan, Solar Victoria will be in touch about the outcome based on your credit history check. –


Why Did They End the Battery Rebate in Victoria?

The Victorian Solar Battery Rebate Program, initially offering a rebate of $2950, was a significant incentive for households to install solar batteries. However, this program has now transitioned to the Solar Battery $8,800 Interest-Free Loan Program. This change aligns with the Victorian Government’s commitment to making solar power more accessible to a broader range of households while promoting sustainable energy solutions.

The rebate program, covering all Victorian postcodes, was part of a larger initiative to support half-price solar batteries, solar hot water systems, and solar panels. This was under the Labor Government’s $1.34 billion initiative aimed at accelerating the adoption of solar energy across the state.

However, it’s important to note that interest-free loans are not available under the original solar battery rebate. The shift to the interest-free loan program is designed to further extend the benefits of solar energy to more Victorians, helping to ease the upfront financial burden of installing solar battery systems.

The transition from a direct rebate to an interest-free loan reflects the evolving nature of government support for renewable energy. It aims to balance immediate financial relief with broader, long-term accessibility and sustainability goals.


Solar Battery Rebate Victoria 3

The Solar Victoria interest-free battery loan has been designed to reduce the upfront cost of installing a battery, with repayments made over a 4-year period. –


What is the Interest-Free Solar Battery Loan?

The interest-free loan, available for the fiscal year 2023-24, provides up to $8,800 to eligible households. It’s designed to offset the initial cost of installing a solar battery system, making sustainable energy solutions more attainable for Victorian residents.

Alternatives to the Battery Rebate – Nectr

For those seeking alternatives to the Victoria Solar Battery Rebate, Watters and Nectr offer an attractive solution. This partnership provides solar and battery bundles with no upfront costs. The program includes fully installed solar panels and battery options, featuring brands like Canadian Solar and Sunpower, with inverter options such as Sungrow G3 and Fronius.


Interest free solar battery loan Watters Electrical & Nectr


 How Much Will I Save?

The savings from solar battery installations can be substantial. Under the previous Victorian Solar Battery Rebate Program, eligible homeowners could save up to $2,950 upfront on new battery storage units. This rebate was a significant financial incentive, reducing the initial investment required for solar battery systems. Additionally, homeowners could expect an annual saving of around $640 on electricity bills, thanks to the increased efficiency and reduced reliance on grid power provided by solar batteries.

The program also offered rebates for other solar solutions. Homeowners were eligible for a rebate of 50% (capped at $1,850) for Solar PV Systems or 50% (capped at $1,000) for solar hot water systems, for systems installed from 19 August 2018 onwards. These rebates made solar energy solutions more accessible and affordable for a wider range of households.

However, it’s important to note that with the transition to the Interest-Free Loan Program, the direct upfront rebate has been replaced by an interest-free loan of up to $8,800. While this change affects the immediate rebate, it still provides substantial financial assistance, making solar batteries a viable option for many homeowners.


The Victorian Government has committed to provide half-price solar batteries for 10,000 homes –


In terms of savings from the Nectr and Watters collaboration, homeowners in Albury, Shepparton, and Wangaratta can enjoy solar and battery systems with no upfront costs. The long-term savings in this scenario come from fixed power bills and small monthly repayments, contributing to overall energy cost reductions over several years.

How Can Watters Help?

Watters Electrical is dedicated to assisting households in transitioning to renewable energy. Our team offers custom design, installation, and commissioning of solar power systems, tailored to meet individual needs. Whether it’s through government incentives or the Nectr program, Watters Electrical provides expert guidance and support throughout the process.

Embracing solar energy, particularly solar batteries, is a significant step towards a more sustainable future. With options like the Victorian Government’s interest-free loans and the Nectr program, residents of Victoria, including Albury, Shepparton, and Wangaratta, have access to affordable and sustainable energy solutions. Watters Electrical is here to help you navigate these options and find the best solution for your energy needs.

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