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Solar and Batteries For $0 Upfront.

With Watters and Powow the residents of Albury, Shepparton and Wangaratta can get a complete solar panel and battery system that can cut your bills up to 90% or more for just $145 per Month*.

This exclusive offer is only available through Watters Electrical.

Min charge for 6.6kW + 10kWh battery is $15,477 in NSW (inc GST).
Min charge for 6.6kW + 10kWh battery is $14,466 in VIC (inc GST).

A Complete Solar Energy System for $0 upfront

Powow is currently building a huge community of solar battery owners across Australia.

They have recently joined forces with Watters, thus allowing Shepparton, Albury & Wangaratta Homeowners to enjoy a complete Powow solar energy system for $0 upfront.

Join The Powow Community

When choosing Powow, you can enjoy the amazing benefits of a solar battery at home right away, whilst slashing your expensive power bills in the process.

The all-new Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is the easy way to get a complete solar panel & battery package installed, without any upfront costs.

With Powow PPA, you'll get:

Powow Solar And Battery Shepparton Albury Wangaratta 2

Low-cost power day and night from the sun

so you’ll barely ever need to pay for grid power at night

Powow Solar And Battery Shepparton Albury Wangaratta 2

Money back performance guarantee

for 10 years – if ever it doesn’t perform, Powow will credit you for every day until it’s fixed

Powow Solar And Battery Shepparton Albury Wangaratta 2

Upkeep, monitoring and maintenance

all included at no extra cost – Powow will keep your system making reliable power

How does the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) work?

You get all of the benefits of solar at your Albury, Shepparton or Wangaratta home, without the upfront costs, maintenance worries or expensive power bills, which translates to instant savings, predictable monthly energy bills and at the end of the ten year term the system is yours for $1 so you can continue to enjoy free solar power.

With Powow PPABuy Now, Pay Later/Loans
100% Performance Guaranteed✔️
Free Servicing & Maintenance✔️
Full Product Warranty✔️
Low, Fixed Monthly Payment✔️Sometimes
Fast Approval With a High Success Rate✔️Sometimes
$0 Upfront Cost✔️✔️

With Powow PPA, Powow provides & installs your solar and battery solution for $0 upfront. Once installed, connected and tested, you’ll enjoy power for a price that’ll give you savings from day 1. Each month, you’ll have greater certainty over your power costs too, as you’re replacing grid-priced power with your own rooftop solar instead.

Watch Your Savings Grow With the Powow App

Powow’s state-of-the-art smartphone app makes it easy for you to see your overall system performance, home energy usage, savings, and technical support should you ever need to contact Powow.

Powow Solar System Albury Shepparton Wangaratta - Watters

Download the Powow App below:

Powow App Android
Powow App Apple

The Powow app also has a built-in support feature, so if anything ever goes wrong, you can contact Powow and request a system check-up. Maintenance and warranty work is free!

Package Options Available:

Packages are customised as per your requirement and postcode.

Powow Solar System Albury Shepparton Wangaratta - Watters

6.6kW Solar & 10kWh Battery

Powow Solar System Albury Shepparton Wangaratta - Watters

10kW Solar & 10kWh Battery

Powow Solar System Albury Shepparton Wangaratta - Watters

13kW Solar & 10kWh Battery

Boost Your Savings Further By Joining Powow's Virtual Power Plant

By choosing to connect your Albury, Shepparton or Wangaratta home battery to Powow’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP), you’ll be able to make even more money from your solar.

Available to all Powow’s customers, their smart technology monitors both your battery and the power grid, and automatically takes advantage of opportunities to sell your excess power for a premium.

How much? Try $0.45 per KWh anytime your battery is used as part of Powow’s VPP (that’s roughly 6 times the Australian average of what you’d normally get paid*).

It’s just another way that Powow makes it even easier to afford solar batteries at home, and with Watters, it is now possible for you to get a Powow Solar Energy System for your Shepparton, Albury and Wangaratta home.

Here's an Example of How Powow Customers are Already Making Money!

General NSW Electricity Bill

$600 / qtr

Powow Solar System

6kW Panel +
10kWh Battery

Bill After Installation

New Bill: $70/ qtr
PPA Payments: $133/ mth
Savings: $2,120/ yr

When joining a VPP, you could add an average of $200 in extra savings

Don't Miss Out on This Amazing $0 Solar & Battery Offer!
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