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Leeton Solar Farm

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Leeton Solar Farm

We are pleased to announce the completion of the Leeton Solar Farm project located in regional New South Wales.

Leeton solar farm is constructed on a 37.24 hectare site, Leeton is a tracker system consisting of 32,928 modules, 50 combiner boxes and 102 inverters.

This 14.52MWdc is divided into two switchgear kiosks to help support the local network, supplying the township and surroundings.

As the electrical contractor we installed 1040m of HV cable , 26,274m of AC cable, and 90,944m of PV cabling from direct buried to installed in conduit.

Scope works included:

  • Installation of 33kV Switchgear Kiosks
  • Installation of Transformer Kiosks
  • Installation of all 33kV cabling including termination
  • Supply and installation of inverter station
  • Installation of solar Inverters
  • Installation of AC Combiner Box
  • Installation of Weather monitoring station
  • Installation of CCTV stations
  • Survey marking of all trench locations
  • Trench excavation, dusting and backfilling
  • Installation of all 800V AC cabling
  • Installation of all 1500VDC DC cabling
  • PV module stringing connection of 32,928 modules
  • Installation of all Earthing
  • Testing and commissioning

Project Information

Start Date

Completion Date

Project Type
Solar Farm

Leeton NSW 2705, Australia

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